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Since the 1990′ s, a group of Charity Queens deep in the heart of Texas has been reuniting individuals affected by AIDS with their families for what is often their last trip. This community has sent individuals as far as Kenya, brought family to Texas if an individual is too ill to travel, and still thrives as the nation’s only travel and funerary assistance resource for individuals living with and dying from AIDS and their families. These stories create ONE WAY HOME, a transmedia storytelling project.

(Note: a Charity Queen is a drag queen who only performs for charity, and family is not defined by blood)


ONE WAY HOME is designed to facilitate intergenerational storytelling around HIV and AIDS through: a three-channel HD projection, a digital audio booth with a custom program developed at the Center for Social Intervention, and a series of public interactives created with pop artist Steven Hamilton. ONE WAY HOME cultivates a revitalized understanding of what HIV/AIDS is, how one community has nurtured awareness through support and the ways in which this disease affects us all-- all through the lens of heels, big hair, and a prodigious amount of make up.


This project is intended to bridge the generational gap that exists between the original generation affected by HIV + AIDS, and a younger generation who is highest at risk. While ONE WAY HOME is a documentary project at its core, it is intended to ignite change and inspire activism to a new generation through new media tools. Unlike a linear film or television, when users interact with this content they become part of the action and are able to gain ownership, visualizing their role within the AIDS epidemic unlike ever before.


3 Channel audio/video projection, looped


Sample of 3 channel projection