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Don't Worry Baby

HD Video installation with surround sound

12' x 6' x 9'

Don't Worry Baby is an immersive installation that combines video, performance, and synthetic fringe, it is the third artwork in a biennially produced series called Sapphic Serenade


For Don't Worry Baby, a single figure is projected through five curtains of purple fringe that are suspended from the ceiling. Similar to a bird in a cage, the figure serenades viewers by lip synching the original lyrics from the Beach Boy’s 1964 pop song, “Don’t Worry Baby” as a looping serenade. The repetitious slowing of time creates a tender and nostalgic space, holding attention, while also exploring the relationship between technology, language and identity. Fringe stands in as a queered non-curtain, non-screen, sculptural material to reference transformation and multiplicity.

The term "sapphic serenade" comes from researching the Lesbian Herstory Archives and the 1992 Lesbian Avenger's handbook, in which they identify the act of the serenade as a direct political gesture.

Recent installations:

Galleri Urbane Marfa + Dallas

Contemporary Art Museum of Houston

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