2016 - ongoing

HEROINES is a participatory re-envisioning of surrealist artist Claude Cahun’s 1925 text: Héroïnes: Regarding the Psychology of Certain Female Figures from Classic Literature. Written in sections from 1920-1925, and never performed, this series of 15 monologues from Eve to the Virgin Mary and Cinderella represents a polyvocal multiplicity of self. This project explores this multiplicity, linking the writing and imagery of Cahun with contemporary 3D scanning practices and karaoke to create a multilayered experience through performance, digital fabrication, and sound.


By re-staging Cahun’s text and transforming it into living and breathing tableaux vivant, it’s my goal to enliven Cahun’s work, and engage in a contemporary conversation with her archive.


Performances will take place in Marfa, TX, Nantes, FR, and London, EN beginning in 2018.