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HEROINES is a participatory re-envisioning of surrealist artist Claude Cahun’s 1925 text: Héroïnes: Regarding the Psychology of Certain Female Figures from Classic Literature. Written in sections from 1920-1925, and never performed, this series of 15 monologues from Eve to the Virgin Mary and Cinderella represents a polyvocal multiplicity of self. This project explores this multiplicity, linking the writing and imagery of Cahun with contemporary 3D scanning practices to create a multilayered experience through performance, digital fabrication, and sound.


Cahun was a French writer and artist; she was female, Jewish, left wing, and homosexual. Each character in Héroïnes is written to carve out who Cahun is by identifying what she is not. Cahun rewrites women’s history against the grain to overturn traditional narratives that are still significant today. For example, Eve is tempted not by an apple but by modern-day advertising (“Pep-tabs: . . . Make your sex life a joy!”), and Cinderella’s prince has a shoe fetish. The monologues are devastatingly funny, but also engage critically with social and philosophical rigor. 


By re-staging Cahun’s text and transforming it into living and breathing tableaux vivant, it’s my goal to enliven Cahun’s work, and engage in a contemporary conversation with her archive.


Performances will take place in Marfa, TX, Nantes, FR, and London, EN throughout 2016-17.

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