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POW POW POWER UP: Someday is Now - opera installation

The Queer Birth Project - national survey, series of visual artwork

MOTHER - site-specific neon installation

Burning Butch- neon, photographic series

Non-binary Vocal Library - text to speech asset collection


Don't Worry Baby- fringe, video, performance, sound
Coded Glass - 3D generated video, data research, immersive design


Queen Bee is Stinging Mad3D generated video, folded poster, stereo .wav
Stonewall Annals engraved glass, blooms
Boi with a Fruit Basket performance, video, audio, poster series

Tutti Frutti - performance, blown glass, gelatin

Lay Lady Lay Performance capture animation with sound

Firework - blown glass, 3D generated video, prose

The Young are at the Gates - 3D generated video, folded poster
You Belong to Me - fringe, video, performance, sound
Bang Bang - fringe, video, performance, sound

Hand Tools - blown glass, postcard series
Royal Jelly - blown glass with turntable

New Frontiers - VR opera, performance, photographs
In Training - 2 channel video, neon, and 3D prints

Heroines - performance, 3D scans, karaoke, sound

Baby Do't Go - performance, 20x24 Polaroid collage

Ruby Red - blown glass, rotating platform

Greener Pastures - durational performance, photographs, wearable

Peeshooter - performance, video, wearable, neon
Spurs - performance, video, wearable
Beware of Domestic Objects - video, sculpture

Chatterbox - video, performance, 3D prints

Hard Femme Soft Butch - 2 channel video, performance

TIPS video, performance, 3D prints
Spit Shine - performance, rolodex viewers

Queen - neon, custom motor

One Way Home - web documentary

Nonni - documentary film
Where Have all the Flowers Gone? - billboard photograph



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