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Glass Jellies

Mold blown glass gelatin sculpture
Rotating turntable to size
2016 - ongoing

LaFleur has been researching gelatin since 2015, specifically as it relates to queerness, maternal instincts, and contemporary ideas of the female body.
Gelatin as a material dates back to 16th century French cooking, and has become a prepared desert known worldwide. Derived from the bone, ligament, and intestines of horses, cows, and pigs, these freestanding colorful deserts were coined “America’s Favorite” in the 20th century, and handed out to immigrants entering Ellis Island beginning in the early 1900s.
For this ongoing series, the artist blows hot glass directly into copper gelatin molds - relics from our past and windows into cultural ideas of female objectification – replacing animal collagen with her own breath.

Process video recorded at Sineca Studios, Ft Worth, TX

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