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Current Position: Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, New Media Art
Current Institution: University of North Texas, College of Visual Art and Design
Previous Institutions Include:
Davidson College, Davidson, NC
Emerson College, Boston, MA

MassArt, Boston, MA 

The following courses were developed and taught as new courses for both undergraduate and graduate students within the College of Visual Art & Design at the University of North Texas. 

Future Feminist Lab

The Future Feminist Lab (FFL), is a split undergraduate/ graduate interdisciplinary course for individuals in the arts and humanities to forge community and investigate technology’s relationship and role within the future of feminism. This course follows Judy Chicago's three pillars of Participatory Art Pedagogy: preparation, process, and art making. 

New Media Studio

Fall 2020 Exhibition, New Art City

An advanced studio art course with an emphasis on in-depth individual research projects. Students focus on professional development, portfolio preparation, and exhibitions. 

Graduate Seminar: Telepresence

This graduate course is structured around a series of discussions and projects related to the topic of telepresence. New concepts and ideas are introduced through critical texts, short technical demonstrations, and critique. Students are required to perform with physical hardware, on the internet, via telepresence, and in collaboration with others. Syllabus

Performance & Electronic Media

Integrating both theory and practice of electronic and interactive media in live performance, this class is focused on exploring the body, technology, and performance art. It is designed for advanced new media students who want to challenge themselves and push their studio practice further through both material knowledge and conceptual rigor.

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 9.35.00 AM.png

Image above: still from 3d animation by Abieyuwa, Senior Studio, Fall 2020


Image above: still from generative vide by LeeAnn Padilla, Spring Fall 2021

Expanded Cinema

This course explores the phenomenon Gene Youngblood described four decades ago as "expanded cinema," with an emphasis on immersion, connectivity and mobility. Students experiment with a wide variety of audio/visual equipment and strategies to produce new collaborative projects, and discuss related readings from Marshall McLuhan to Gilles Deleuze. 

Beginning New Media: Time & Movement

This asynchronous online studio art course is an introduction to the fundamentals of time-based media art. Students work to order visual information through new media platforms and various outputs including: the sequencing of still images, interactivity, modes of animation, and editing sound and moving images. 

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