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Single-channel HD video (5:00 min.)
Plastic pink pistol for urinating

This performance is part of the GREENER PASTURES series. 

Combining a glass gun-shaped candy dispenser from 1935 and an army issued FUD (Female Urination Device), LaFleur fabricated a pink plastic toy-like pistol that she can use to urinate through as a form of uncomfortable playfulness and as a survival tactic in her performance work, PEESHOOTER.

About this work she states, " a queer woman in the south, guns are often considered normal and accepted more than my own body and existence." This work is installed with a short looping video performance, a collection of 4 peeshooters, each individually suspended with neon as if they are being held at attention without the human body, 4 failed attempts at producing the Peeshooter in glass, and an instructional video.

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