Through arts-based research, LaFleur's projects develop out of extensive archival research, utilize technology as a poetic tool, and provide a radical space for reimagining our personal and collective struggles in the 21st century.


Often collaborative, her projects are series-based spanning multiple years to complete. This page highlights the largest projects from 2018 - 2022.

A comprehensive list of artwork can be found here

*** in-progress***

A sound-installation project that uses an AI-powered muse to write scores for the voice, inspired by the artist, educator and social justice advocate Corita Kent. Made in collaboration with the Corita Art Center and Feminist AI.


*** in-progress***

A research initiative examining the childbirth experiences of queer (LGBTQ+) people in the United States. Based on a re-envisioning of feminist artist Judy Chicago’s Birth Project, this interdisciplinary project combines original data and archival research to create a collection of artworks and publications. 


MOTHER is a site-specific neon light installation commissioned by Lawndale Arts and the Houston Botanic Gardens. 

Unbounded Unleashed Unforgiving: Reconsidering Cyberfeminism is a multimodal exploration into cyberfeminism and includes: an international exhibition hosted by New Art City, curated content highlighting the Cyberfeminist Index by Mindy Sue, artist talks and publications as part of the College Art Association programming. 

Unbounded Unleashed Unforgiving_EXHIBITION (3).png

A biennially produced installation that combines video with large-scale architectural fringe to reflect on queerness in a contemporary and historical context.

Inspired by declassified documents relating to the “fruit machine,” a military device used by the U.S. and Canadian government during the Cold War to detect LGBT individuals, this series examines the semiotics of fruit in relation to the queer body. Glass works were produced during an artist residency at the Museum of Glass. 

CODEDGLASS_LaFleur_S19 (1)_Page_01.png

Coded Glass consists of a series of videos produced as part of an Immersive Scholar Fellowship through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Using 3D animation and conceptual art strategies, pubic data relating to the #MeToo movement was translated into a series of virtual stained glass windows. This series created a new visual vocabulary to reimagine digital activism as a sacred space. In 2019, data from this project was acquired into the #MeToo Digital Media Collection at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Harvard