Curatorial Statement, published online and in print with Media N 


- Interview conducted between Liss LaFleur and fellow resident Laura Splan

- Blog post about explorations into the relationship of maternity and digital fabrication as a resident 



- Interview with VisualAIDS curator Alex Fialho


Feminist Deconstruction: Surrealist Photomontage & Glitching of Claude Cahun


This artist presentation exposes how surrealist photomontage and glitching are both performative feminist acts of deconstruction and transformation. Focusing specifically on the photomontages of surrealist Claude Cahun, as a feminist and queer artist, I glitch archives of her work to create critical dialogue about the photographic medium, its structure, and its politics.

The Digital Witness: Transmedia Activism in HIV and AIDS Nonfiction


The Digital Witness demonstrates how viewers and participants have become digital witnesses to the individual and collective trauma of HIV/AIDS, arguing that nonfiction transmedia is a fundamental strand of activism that builds community by helping to connect, inform and take action.

Sink or Swim by Su Friedrich (1990) VS. Passionless Moments by Jane Campion (1983)


A comparative analysis. 

Creative Non-Fiction & Bombay Beach


Through documentary footage, archival movies, reconstructed events, and choreographed dance sequences the feature length documentary film Bombay Beach crafts a dramatic narrative based on vivid vignettes and personal interactions. Although designed in classic verite fashion, Har'el takes a nonfiction setting and creates a highly stylistic canvas that relinquishes all boundaries through an immersive and collaborative style of creative non-fiction filmmaking.

Hacktavism: An Analysis of Invisible Children’s Documentary Kony 2012


Building upon Henry Jenkin’s Convergence Culture, this paper will asses how the non-profit organization Invisible Children has been able to create an entire participatory community around a goal through innovative transmedia storytelling and an unorthodox use of media specifically relating to the KONY 2012 campaign. Although social justice rather than solely profitability motivates the organization, it resembles the entertainment industries’ attempts to harness fandom and addresses a new kind of propaganda for the Facebook generation.

Consumer Fetishism and Sexual Play: Eighteenth-century identity through caricaturized interiors and fashion


This essay evaluates five of Thomas Rowlandson’s mid to late eighteenth century pornographic etchings to discuss how the recognizable characters are indicative of the sudden change toward a more sexually active and phallocentric heteronormative culture during the eighteenth century, and how patriarchal power was derived through the sexing of eighteenth century clothing and interiors.


F //17 - University of North Texas

ASTU 2350 - Intro to New Media Studio

ASTU 4450 - TOPICS: Experimental Documentary 


S // 17- University of North Texas

ASTU 4460 - Advanced New Media Studio 

ASTU 3450 - Time Based Media Art

F //16 - University of North Texas

ASTU 4450 - TOPICS: Synesthesia

ASTU 3550 - Physical Computing

Summer// 16- University of North Texas

ART 4120 - Art on Location (New York)

S//16 - University of North Texas

ASTU 4460 - Advanced New Media Studio

ASTU 5450 - Graduate New Media Studio


F //15 - University of North Texas

ASTU 4450 - Body as Computer / Media + Performance

ASTU 2250 - Intro to New Media Studio

S//15 - Davidson College

ART 311 - Advanced Digital Art

ART/DIG 270 - Digital Storytelling


F // 2014 - Davidson College

ART 211 - Introduction to Digital Art

ART 311 - Advanced Digital Art

// Prior to 2014

VM 100 - History of Media

VM 317 - Editing for Video Art

VM 377 - Documentary Filmmaking


// Additional Courses:

Digital Fabrication 

Video Art

New Media & New Textiles


Queer Cinema

Exhibition Design