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The Young Are at the Gates

Single-channel HD video animation and cut paper collage
(8:30 mins looping)

Currently, LaFleur is completing a series of large scale projections, digitally animated stained glass windows that combine creative coding with the language of protest and urgency as a reflective mediated space. In this work, she is exploring the relationship between glass, a rich art historical medium, and technology, the digital screen as a two way mirror. 

Images and texts for this work are taken from extensive research of the LGBT/Queer liberation movements, the suffragette movement, and contemporary protests, and are collaged with traditional stained glass sketches that were drawn by the artist's mother between 1970-2000 but never produced. Beginning with cut collage, the artist creates a 3D model and render, then animates each panel using javascript. 

This first in this series, The Young are at the Gates, borrows its title from a 1917 Suffragette banner. The slogan, written by National Women's Party member Lavinia Dock, first appeared in "The Suffragist" on June 30, 1917, just one week after the first picketers were arrested in front of the White House. 

What is the potent spirit of youth? Is it not the spirit of revolt, or rebellion against senseless and useless and deadening things? Most of all, against injustice, is of all stupid things the stupidest?...The old stiff minds must give way. The old selfish minds must go. Obstructive reactionaries must move on. The young are at the gates! - Lavinia Dock

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