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YOU BELONG TO ME is an immersive installation that combines video and pink synthetic fringe to androgenize Doo-Wop.


A single female figure is projected through five 8 ft curtains of pink fringe that are suspended from the ceiling. Similar to a bird in a cage, the figure serenades viewers by lip synching the original lyrics from The Duprees 1952, “You belong to Me” as a looping performance. The vacillating distortion of the singer’s body on the shiny material produces an uncanny, Lynchian effect that is both luminous and unpredictable.


When installed, the viewer imitates the artists’ relationship with the camera and the work becomes a fragmented 3-dimensional representation of the process. This work was most recently installed at the 2015 New Media Art Biennial, AURORA, and will be installed in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 as part of the Tenderness Project. 

1 6 x 8 x 4 ft wooden frame

10 pink fringe curtains

1 video performance with sound

2 speakers

Edition of 1